How You Can Decide If A Project Is Fit For Crowdfunding In 2021

4 min readMar 12, 2021

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Before you go ahead to decide to crowdfund in 2021, we highly recommend that you decide if your project is fit for crowdfunding. Deciding if a project is fit for crowdfunding saves you from unnecessary stress. It also helps you achieve your goal efficiently.

Know what crowdfunding is all about

This is the first basic thing you should have or know. Just starting or going into a new thing, you should have an idea of what crowdfunding entails.

You cannot do crowdfunding because you are desperate or because everybody is doing it. Do it because you know it is the right step to take. Once you know what crowdfunding is all about you can proceed to research similar successful campaigns.

If you discover that at least one person has succeeded in crowdfunding a similar idea then you can be sure that the product is fit for crowdfunding. You can also check the failed campaigns.

After doing this, you can make comparisons of the successful and failed campaigns. Doing this will make you know the steps to take and avoid when doing your campaign.

Choose your crowdfunding platform

At Ideazon, we will work closely with you to produce a good campaign for your business. We focus majorly on small businesses so be rest assured that we will do all we can to ensure that we produce a great campaign for you.

● Do you have any specific goal(s) you intend to achieve from crowdfunding? Having crowdfunding goals helps you know what you are aiming for.

Ensure that this goal is very realistic and attainable. If people feel like your crowdfunding goal is unrealistic for the product you might be seen as a fraud.

● Can you describe the project clearly? If the answer to this question is affirmative, then you are good to go.

Having well-detailed information about the project you intend to crowdfund makes it very easy to pitch your idea to your potential investors. You will sound convincing to the people that will give you funds for your business.

● Crowdfunding a product that looks incomplete can be very terrible for you and your brand now and in the future. You must have an initial prototype that has undergone a series of work and research. You must have committed more than enough time to build your product.

Make sure you have a product that has been tested to work for crowding

As earlier mentioned, research on past similar campaigns. If there is no successful campaign for a product similar to yours, then you should exercise caution. While you might figure out a way to make your campaign successful, the chances seem rather little.

Can your products have campaigns that appeal to people’s emotions? If yes, then that product can fit for crowdfunding in 2021.

Getting people to part away with their money can be hard in this period. However, if your video campaign can appeal strongly to people’s emotions, then you might have just hit a jackpot.

Tell a good story that will move people to donate to your business. When your storyline is excellent, people will feel that they are donating to a worthy cause.

Have a strong support system from day 1

Having support from your family, friends, and followers, and fans on social media will make your project fit for crowdfunding. Immediately after your campaign is launched, get these people to pledge their support early enough.

A campaign that people are showing interest in will bring more supporters. A campaign that does not get enough attention and support right from the first day or first week tends to fail.

Crowdfunding is not a process that every entrepreneur can successfully handle. It is an important responsibility that must be handled by professionals to achieve results.

There are the steps that you must follow with caution. You can entrust Ideazon with this responsibility. (Click here to get started).

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