How to Stay Inspired as a Struggling Entrepreneur

3 min readMay 19, 2021

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. In the beginning, you have to do the work of more than three people at once and still be efficient at it.

Everyone, that is your employees look up to you, and you’re under constant pressure to keep the business moving no matter what.

Sometimes, it can be too much. That is why entrepreneurs are the most susceptible to what is known as the “Founder’s Burnout”. The stress just becomes too much at a point and it just seems easier to give up.

At Ideazon, we understand how you may feel as an entrepreneur especially when things are tough. That is why we have prepared this article to tell you ways to stay inspired, even when you’re a struggling entrepreneur. So, let’s get started.

● Get Your Customer Feedback

This may look like something small, but when it comes to boosting confidence, it’s a really big deal. Not only will it give you new ideas to drive your business forward, it is also going to give you an insight into what your customers want the most. It is an agent of development which reassures you that while you’re not there yet, you’re still on the right track.

Ask your customers to leave behind a review when they buy a product or get a service from you through your website or social media. By doing this, you can also boost your customer engagement while getting to know your customers better.

● Set New Goals or Renew Old Ones

When you’re starting to lose your motivation, it’s time to remind yourself of the reason why you started the business to begin with. If the goals aren’t as motivating as they used to be or overwhelming, you can re-evaluate them.

While it is possible to set new goals for yourself, you can also make the old ones achievable by breaking them into smaller milestones.

It is easier to stay motivated when your goals are easily achievable. That way, you don’t feel like you’re doing nothing because your goal seems too far off. In short, try to be realistic about the things you can achieve, and set a time frame for yourself.

● Look for Inspiration from Other Entrepreneurs

What is the reason why platforms like Slack and Discord where like minded people can talk are very popular? That’s because, when you’re in a community of your peers, you realize that all the things you thought were serious issues were normal things.

These people serve as an invaluable support system and they can give you advice on what to do when you come across a stumbling block.

You can join associations for small business owners and go for meetings where you can exchange experiences and help one another grow. Remember, challenges are normal for growth. It’s not possible not to have them. The more you solve the better you become.

Lack of funds is one of the numerous challenges that entrepreneurs face while they’re trying to develop their business. We can help you solve this problem.

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