How Entrepreneurs Can Stand Out from the Competition in 2021

3 min readJan 19, 2021

Ideazon is built around helping business owners and entrepreneurs achieve leverage. As one of the leading crowdfunding marketing agencies, we have set out to help businesses scale up their profitable ideas for over two decades.

Our crowdfunding agency has been at the fore of promoting crowdfunding projects and consultancy.

Over the past years, our major clients have been entrepreneurs and founders of start-ups. From our experience working with different business owners, there’s been a dominant problem.

Notably, enterprises find it challenging to stand out from their competition. This problem affects even the most profitable business ideas.

As part of our consultancy services at Ideazon, we understand that this problem needs a solution. That’s why we’ve pulled this piece to show entrepreneurs the best methods to stay ahead of the competition in 2021.

Here are our five foolproof ways to beat competition.

1. Understand competitors

The first step to standing out from competitors is to know them. Study the strengths and weaknesses of major competitors. To achieve this, analyze their strategies and offerings.

In addition, consider the advertisement and marketing approaches of these competitors. This way, it becomes easy to determine the Unique Selling Point of these businesses.

Beware of copying these strategies. Instead, prepare to go above and beyond them.

2. Find out the unique needs of the target customer base

With social media determining pop culture these days, it’s a suicide mission to remain static with business. Instead, study market changes and look out for what target customers value the most in products.

There is no better time to launching a crowdfunding campaign than now. Get insights into customer trends and the products with high demand. It would be best to adjust the existing business strategy to meet these customer requirements.

3. Establish efficient customer response mechanisms

Excellent customer service is the greatest way to keep current customers and draw new ones. Sadly, most entrepreneurs do not understand what efficient customer support consists of.

Customers want to get responses immediately to queries and complaints. So, an entrepreneur must be able to respond in an instant.

It is also essential to give customers satisfactory answers. Otherwise, it will merely be a case of scratching the surface of quality customer service.

4. Be Flexible with Business strategy

Stay alert to market changes and be ready to adapt to evolving customer preferences. Moreover, the marketing strategy should also include drawing new customers to products and services.

While planning for the long term, keep the business model flexible enough.

5. Build and sustain a brand image

A brand image is the external representation of a business. A good brand is one that stands out, and customers can easily recognize amidst similar goods.

We advise business owners to improve their brand through quality advertisement and judicious use of the business’ trademarks. Pay close attention to your product’s packaging, logo and entire brand statement. They must be able to captivate the audience and endear them to the business.

As a final thought, these tips will be instrumental in putting business ahead of the competition. However, some of these methods may require significant funding to put in place. Our extensive crowdfunding options can cover that.




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