Go Viral: Why You Probably Need To Rethink Your Social Media Strategy

3 min readAug 31, 2021

There’s a lot that happens on social media that doesn’t even get to mainstream media. In today’s world, social media is like a continent on its own. This basically explains why people and businesses are harnessing its powers to push their brands.

One thing, however, is clear. Before anyone can harness the power of social media, there must be a clear-cut strategy. However, many people and businesses claim to have some sort of strategy in place.

But then, what matters is not the existence of those strategies but what those strategies have achieved so far. There’s no need for any social media strategy if there are no recorded positive results.

For many businesses and personal brands that want to go viral, this is often the situation they find themselves in. They suddenly realise that they have a strategy to go viral, but they simply aren’t.

This problem is what those of us at Ideazon have noticed and have decided to bring to the fore. How should this situation be handled, and how do you even know you need to rethink your social media strategy to allow you to go viral?

If your goal is to go viral, but you aren’t, there might be some things you haven’t been doing right. Some of these things include:

Putting out boring content or running out of content for your social media accounts: If there is one thing that is important on social media, it is the ability to grab people’s attention. If your social media is not doing this, then there’s no way you will go viral.

You must be able to put out “lit” content so that your audience feels absorbed into you every time. This is how to go viral. If you realise that what’s on your social media accounts is some boring stuff that nobody wants to read or watch, then you probably need to rethink.

Not getting any or enough engagement: There’s a purpose you are on social media, and that’s to go viral. The surest way to go viral on social media is to have tons of engagement on your posts. If you are not getting this, then your social media strategy probably needs reworking.

Your engagement matters a lot because it shows that people have found what you posted interesting and have taken out time to respond. What this comes with is tons of mentions, likes, retweets, replies and many more.

Before you know it, you are on the trend table. If you continually give your audience the contents they need to engage in your social media page, it won’t be long before you go viral.

Putting out anything anytime: One mistake people make is thinking that people find everything they put out there interesting. You do not have the monopoly of ideas and should not assume you have.

You should be strategic with your social media posts and replies. This way, you know when not to miss the mark with your posts. If you notice that you have been putting out anything anytime, then you should probably have a rethink of your social media strategy.

In all, going viral and remaining viral for a long time hardly comes in a stroke. Though you might get lucky and tweet something that will make you go viral, to sustain that, you must be intentional about it.

Being intentional about your social media accounts and going viral might be difficult; this is why Ideazon exists to walk you through the journey. You can reach out today to get the best of what you deserve.




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