Being an entrepreneur is not easy. In the beginning, you have to do the work of more than three people at once and still be efficient at it.

Everyone, that is your employees look up to you, and you’re under constant pressure to keep the business moving no matter what.

Sometimes, it can be too much. That is why entrepreneurs are the most susceptible to what is known as the “Founder’s Burnout”. The stress just becomes too much at a point and it just seems easier to give up.

At Ideazon, we understand how you may feel as an entrepreneur…

If you are an entrepreneur or an inventor, then one thing that would be paramount to you is raising funds for your business or ideas. While this might have been projected as easy, experience has shown a different thing.

Entrepreneurs and inventors often find out that the crowdfunding project they have committed to is not yielding the desired result. The result most times is always a downturn of the business or the invention.

As an organization involved in crowdfunding, Ideazon has found out that the problem may be tied to crowdfunding niches. …

Ideazon, being one of the leaders in the crowdfunding industry, helps entrepreneurs get the funding they need to start their business ventures. We bring businesses to life by helping to build, launch and raise funds.

Since 2012, we have helped build over 350 businesses from the scratch. Our team is very experienced in knowing what specific idea will help move your business to the next level. Our team consists of marketers, writers, video creators, and crowdfunding experts that help you achieve that goal you intend to achieve.

Ideazon will help you with product or startup testing alongside launching an excellent…

Tiktok is one of the most recent and popular social media platforms that provide avenue for people to share their daily life experiences as well as ideas.

These experiences and ideas usually attract comments from viewers. The number of comments that your post attract greatly depends on how viral it goes. This means that it is important that your post goes viral on the media if you want to make an impact.

In this post, Ideazon will expose you to tips you can adopt to make your idea go viral on Tiktok. Thus, if you are interested in knowing how…

At Ideazon, we are focused on helping startups find the finance and exposure they need to be successful. Ideazon is dedicated to helping inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs bring their ideas and vision into successful reality by leveraging the power of crowdfunding.

Using proven marketing tactics and strategies, we set the standard for crowdfunding excellence. We help businesses find ways to finance their ventures and connect them to early subscribers.

Because we are committed to helping the next entrepreneur breakout or a struggling one levelup, in this article we will be sharing some of the apps we believe all successful entrepreneurs should…

Ideazon is built around helping business owners and entrepreneurs achieve leverage. As one of the leading crowdfunding marketing agencies, we have set out to help businesses scale up their profitable ideas for over two decades.

Our crowdfunding agency has been at the fore of promoting crowdfunding projects and consultancy.

Over the past years, our major clients have been entrepreneurs and founders of start-ups. From our experience working with different business owners, there’s been a dominant problem.

Notably, enterprises find it challenging to stand out from their competition. This problem affects even the most profitable business ideas.

As part of…

Being an entrepreneur is not a game for the weak at heart. It takes a lot of strength, effort, faith, self-belief, and sometimes, self-delusion to succeed.

As an entrepreneur, you need to be sure of your ability to win that you may come across as over-confident. It takes quite a lot of faith to leave a paying job’s security and venture into an entirely new entrepreneurial territory.

Your employee is an entrepreneur, and that is the reason he pays your salary. When you become an entrepreneur, you no longer wait on a paycheck; instead, your decisions and indecisions will determine…

Between the global pandemic, the US election, and the calls for social change being made around the world, there is no doubt that 2020 caused people to think differently about how they spend their money. That being said, crowdfunding campaigns have become incredibly popular over the course of the last year.

Kickstarter, one of the leading crowdfunding websites, reported that the total number of campaigns quadrupled since 2014. As things continue to change, it’s important to stay in the know what campaign trends will stay relevant in 2021, and possibly for the next coming years. Let’s take a look.


Entrepreneurship can be synonymous with a lot of things: success, climbing, excitement, creativity, and yes, even struggling. In fact, most entrepreneurs know that this territory can come with a lot of struggling, because this is not a path that is handed to anybody.

In order to successfully get your ideas off the ground, you have to fight for them, tooth and nail, and believe in them like no one else will. So if you’re a struggling entrepreneur, we get it, we’ve been there too, and we’ll probably be there again.

But we’re here to tell you that you can’t let…

Do Focus Groups Work?
Do Focus Groups Work?

Every great success story was built on feedback. Whether the feedback comes from consumers, colleagues, or other sources, feedback is what drives an endeavor to its most fruitful outcome.

All too often, however, we only receive feedback after an idea is launched. This means, that to take the feedback, it often means going back to the drawing board and hoping to do better on the next launch.

The truth is that many companies have found getting feedback before a launch to be the most productive means to implementing feedback the first time around.

How do they do this? Focus groups.


Ideazon helps to revolutionize crowdfunding by providing marketing and consultation services every step of the way. Visit us at

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