5 Apps Every Successful Entrepreneur Should Be Using in 2021

3 min readJan 27, 2021

At Ideazon, we are focused on helping startups find the finance and exposure they need to be successful. Ideazon is dedicated to helping inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs bring their ideas and vision into successful reality by leveraging the power of crowdfunding.

Using proven marketing tactics and strategies, we set the standard for crowdfunding excellence. We help businesses find ways to finance their ventures and connect them to early subscribers.

Because we are committed to helping the next entrepreneur breakout or a struggling one levelup, in this article we will be sharing some of the apps we believe all successful entrepreneurs should be using.

1. Project Management Tool:

Every successful entrepreneur needs a place where they can manage their projects and break them down into small chunks. The best project management tools give you end to end control of project tracking through categorizing, creating, and prioritizing tasks within a project.

Recommendation: Trello

There is no shortage of excellent project management tools but Trello is one we often recommend. It offers the best in terms of features and pricing. It enables you to easily collaborate, share documents, and syncs across all devices.

2. Finance Tracker and Planner:

A budgeting tool is very significant to any serious business owner, and it is often a challenging endeavor. Running a startup can be very daunting and easy to lose track of payments and financial records. Budgeting tool lets entrepreneur stay on top their spending and plan finances

Recommendation: Mint

We recommend the Mint App, a budget planner that gives superpower control of your finances. It enables you to create budgets and manage new and upcoming bills.

3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool:

Customers are the bedrock of all businesses, and a business management of its customers isi significant to its success. Customer Relations Management enables entrepreneurs to easily organize and manage information relating to sales and marketing.

It also provides statistics and metrics on both sales and marketing. CRM improves core business processes — managing contact information and streamlining relations with customers.

Recommendation: Salesforce

We recommend Salesforce which is the leading CRM solution provider in the world. Salesforce is intuitive and allows you to streamline all customers’ interaction and leads. It is completely customizable to suit your purpose and it is cloud based and syncs nicely with all devices.

4. E-Signing Application:

Organizing and managing sensitive business documents cannot be overemphasized. We usually recommend a tool that not only centralizes critical business contracts and agreements but also protects them.

Recommendation: HelloSign

HelloSign provides the best security, and it is why we usually recommend it. It allows you to scan documents with your mobile camera, edit, sign, and share them.

The documents are protected with SSL encryption. It can also be connected to file storage applications like Google Drive and Dropbox.

5. Read It Later Service:

There is so much information we come across on the internet but do not have the time to read it the moment we found it.

Recommendation: Pocket

There is no other application that comes close to pocket. It is very handy because you get to save interesting articles and infographics you come across during the day which is usually busy for reading at night.




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